Atholl Area Residents’ & Ratepayers’ Association

Muslim Mosque and School: Object to Application

Protecting your lifestyle

Over 750 residents have joined AARRA in protecting their lifestyle by objecting to the rezoning and development application for a Muslim Mosque and School in Atholl (corner of Ayr and Dennis Roads).

Why we objected

Although the AARRA and a number of individuals are objecting, we need to demonstrate widespread support for the objection to the City.

The motivation for the objection is non-religous and include the following key reasons:

1. The Mosque and School will not benefit the community, while it is clear that the development will impact the area negatively (e.g. introducing significant traffic volumes and parking congestion).

2. The rezoning application is sketchy on details, but a significant development is indicated that does not align with the residential objectives of the area’s approved Precinct Plan.

3. The owners have not been transparent and engaging the community. They have, in fact, been evasive; demonstrated disregard for impact on the area/other residents; and acted illegally (including ignoring stop orders by the City of Johannnesburg).

Engage with us

Contact us if you require further information, or are challenged in any way in submitting your objection.